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History of Autoette

                                  A Brief History of Autoette

                                                    Information provided by Barry Seevers and Larry Fisher

   The Autoette was first manufactured in 1947 in Long Beach, California (USA) by Royce Seevers. Royce created a network of dealers that stretched as far as east as Florida. The company was later sold to Blood Sales Co for a short time before being resold to Wayne Manufacturing Co; a street sweeping company who moved the operation to Pomona, California. After some legal problems, the Autoette was then sold back tothe Seevers family, lock stock and barrel in 1958. From then until 1970, they controlled manufacturing, distribution and sales of Autoette vehicles. The Autoette vehicles were electric cars that came in a number of forms that range from pickup trucks (that could carry up to 1/4 of a ton), cars, and golf mobiles. Ranging from 2 - 4 seats, the Autoette had tiller steering and was powered by an electric motor which drew its power from large 24 volt batteries. Production ceased in the 1970s. To view images of many Autoettes as well as pictures of Tridents, Marketeers, Marketours, Mobilettes, Electra Kings, Sports Riders, Electric Shoppers, etc., etc., etc., click here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/autoette/ Also check out the Autoette Blog page by Larry Fisher. It contains lots of old photos and ads. click here: http://autoette.blogspot.com/


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