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Welcome to Our Miscellaneous Carts Catalog - Body & Trim



Dust Cover, 56'' Top
Price: $65.67

Part Number: BD010

OEM Part Numbers -

Item Description -
Storage Cover for Two Seat Golf Carts with 56" top. This cover has an elastic cord sewn in the bottom for a snug fit. It also has a rear zipper for easy entry.

Body Trim, 25 ft. Roll
Price: $35.75

Part Number: BD110

OEM Part Numbers - HD 50303-66A, 50303-66B, 50302-79, CU 820987, 820988, 820989, 821522, 821893, 822043, 822234, NO 1074

Item Description -
Black vinyl pinch weld, single lip, 7/16" groove depth, pebble grain, Black vinyl over steel mesh, for Columbia/Harley Davidson, Cushman, and Noland. Has multiple uses for covering exposed edges, 25 foot Roll. NOTE: Now Available!

Rubber Washer
Price: $1.76

Part Number: BD154

OEM Part Numbers - 5927

Item Description -
Rubber Washer used on 1963 to 1973 gas Harley Davidson models D, DF, and DC and electric models DE, DEF, and DEC. Used on rear bumper, body hinge, bag holder and steering head. Measures 1-1/2" diameter.

Blind Drive Rivet
Price: $0.53

Part Number: BD202B

OEM Part Numbers -EZ 10570-G6, 18329-G1, 18436-G1, YA 90267-63047, 90267-63047-00
Item Description -
Plastic Large Head Blind Drive Rivet for attaching accelerator pedal pad on 1965 to 1994 E-Z-GO Pre Medalist Marathon model, Also Melex, Jacobsen, and Legend. Also used on some Yamaha models.

Plastic Rivet
Price: $0.38

Part Number: BD210

OEM Part Numbers -EZ 16816-G1, 16816-G2, YA 90269-06028, 90269-06028-00 CC 1010434 , HD 8200, LE 10-9150-NS

Item Description -
Xmas Tree Style Push In Black Plastic Rivet to attach the Rear Fender Scuff Guard or Bagwell liner on 1965 to 1993 E-Z-GO, also for Scuff Guards and Bagwell Liner for 1990 & newer Yamaha, also for Club Car, Legend, and Columbia Par Car/Harley Davidson and others with 1/4" hole.

Large Flange Pop Rivet
Price: $1.35

Part Number: BD234

OEM Part Numbers - 13785G1, 13785-G1, 15058G1, 15058-G1, 15058G3, 15058-G3

Item Description -
Large Black Head Pop Rivet for securing Fender Caps and other trim on all years of E-Z-GO, 5/8" diameter head,3/16" by 1/2" long

Bag Rack Pad
Price: $13.65

Part Number: BD239

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 14643-G1, 14643-G2, ME 300194 , LE 10-3117, 444775 , PA 3938

Item Description -
Bag Rack Pad for 1976 to 1994 E-Z-GO pre-Medalist/TXT models X444 and X440, Also for Melex, Legend, and Pargo.

Bag Strap
Price: $18.55

Part Number: BD241

OEM Part Numbers -EZ 15902-G1, HD 53473-84, ME 300136, LE 10-3122, YA J10-78355-00, J10-78355-00-00, J38-78355-00, J38-78355-00-00, DA 65717

Item Description -
Bag Strap for 1965 to 1994 E-Z-GO pre Medalist, Harley, Melex models 152 and 252, and Legend, also Yamaha 1978 to 1995 models G1, G2, and G9, also Davis, 66" long

Bag Strap Kit
Price: $61.67

Part Number: BD242

OEM Part Numbers -12076-G1, 13544-G1 13791-G1, 17282-G1

Item Description -
Bag Strap Kit for 1965 to 1994 E-Z-GO pre Medalist, Includes two straps, two buckles, two two anchor plates and rivets, Straps are 66" long, NOTE: Can be used on some Harley, Melex, Yamaha, and others

Price: $6.67

Part Number: BD244

OEM Part Numbers -EZ 16920-G1, 16920G1 HD 53472-84, YA JN6-K8380-00, JN6-K8380-00-00

Item Description -
Black Nylon Buckle for Bag Strap for 1965 to 1994 Pr-Medalist E-Z-GO, Harley, and 1996 and newer Yamaha models G11, G16, G19 and G22, also Legend.

Bag Strap Anchor Plate
Price: $9.16

Part Number: BD250

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 12059-G1, 13784-G1, 16610-G1 , ME 300116, LE 10-3116, 444410, PA 2380

Item Description -
Anchor Plate for Bag Strap on 1965 to 1994 Pre-Medalist E-Z-GO, Also Melex, Legend, and Pargo.

Bolt for J Hook
Price: $0.95

Part Number: SP860

OEM Part Numbers -TD 88-060-09, CC 7847

Item Description -
Bolt for Five Speed J Hook with 2 holes, Also for mounting Dual cup Holder on 1993 and newer Club Car model DS. Also for mounting J Hook on mid 1970s Eagle golf cart made in Long Beach California by Lad Industries. Steel Hex Screw measures 1/4"-20 threads by 3/4" long.

Steering Wheel
Price: $82.87

Part Number: ST107

OEM Part Numbers -HD 57075-67A, 57075-69, CC 1309, 8584, EZ 11419-G1, 16565-G1, 16586-G1, 18325-G1, 30013-G1, 1700298, 1820235, CU 807605, 888527, TD 49-011-20, DA 54089, JA 555101, NO 284, 285, OT C-54089

Item Description -
NOTE: No longer available. You can use our part number AC101 custom steering wheel adapter and either one of our custom steering wheels or one from your neighborhood auto parts store. Replacement Black Steering Wheel for 1963 to 1983 Harley Davidson, also Club Car 1976 to 1984 electric, E-Z-GO 1965 to 1982, Cushman, Taylor Dunn, Davis, Jacobsen, Noland, and Otis, NOTE: includes center cap. Measures 14-1/4" diameter with splined bore diameter of .720".

Steering Wheel Center Cap
Price: $13.65

Part Number: ST108

OEM Part Numbers -57075-69

Item Description -
Steering Wheel Center cap for ST107 Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel
Price: $39.77

Part Number: ST108B

OEM Part Numbers - HD 57085-82, 57085-84, 57085-84B, EZ 18323-G1, 18325-G1, 23172-G1, HY GC1-402119

Item Description -
New Style Steering Wheel with Scorecard Holder for 1984 to 1995 Columbia Par Car/Harley and 1983 to 2000 E-Z-GO as well as 1990 to 1994 Hyundai.

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