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Melex History

A Brief History of Melex Golf Carts

     Melex golf cars were founded in 1970 at Mielec, Poland and were introduced into the US market in June of 1971. Their first carts were almost identical clones of the popular E-Z-GO which was US made. The first models were the 102 three wheel and 202 four wheel. These were manufactured until 1974. Models 112 and 212 were introduced in 1975.  

     The 112 being a three wheel model and the 212 a four wheel. The models 112 and 212 look identical to the models 102 and 202. The easiest way to tell them apart is that the latter 112 and 212 had a seat brake that would activate when you got off the cart. These had the brake drum mounted on the motor until serial number 155058. The all metal body 152 and 252 models came out in 1985 and were made up until 1990. The 152 being three wheel and the 252 a four wheel. The model 412 was the first Melex cart with a plastic body. These were introduced in 1985 and the early ones had just plastic rear fenders and dash. The model 412 was the first to use the US made Dana differential and the GE electric motor. Melex is known for being the first golf cart manufacturer to use a modern solid state motor speed controller which they introduced to their line in 1986. Some model 152s and 252s had them and all model 412s came with electronic speed control. The all plastic model 512E came out in 1992. Note the white cart above. The "E" being for electric. This was followed by the gasoline model 512G in 1994. It came with a 16 cubic inch engine. The engines were painted black. Between 1992 and 1993 they started using the Dana differentials. Some cars came with them and some didnt. By 1994 all the carts had Dana differentials. In 1996 they introduced the 18 cubic inch engine which was painted red. In 1998 the models 625E and 625G were introduced. These carts were assembled in the US with US bodies and electrics, etc. The frames and suspension were shipped from Poland. These cart bodies were all plastic as well. In November of 2000 the US assets of the Melex Corporation were purchased by one of the Melex U.S. distributors, Nagy Golf & Turf of Mesa, Arizona.

     Information supplied by Andy Kielawa who was with Melex for a great number of years and now is with the Fore-Par Group. Additional information provided by Izabela Zelazko of the Melex factory in Poland where they still make a wide range of carts. Check out their website at: www.melex.com.pl An English version of the page is available by clicking on the British flag logo on the upper right of the page

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