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Taylor-Dunn History

                      A Brief History of Taylor-Dunn Carts

   Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing, originally named the "Taylor Shop", was founded in 1949 by a Southern California farmer named R. D. Taylor Sr.. He built hand carts for carrying feed on his chicken ranch at 2114 West Ball Road in Anaheim, California. To this day the company is still located on the original ranch property. He decided to expand his business by selling equipment and supplies to fellow farmers. As the carts got heavier local farmers asked if he could make a motorized version. Production of the first electric truck started in 1951 and was used on his own chicken ranch. They then began making and selling electric trucks to other farmers and ranchers. That year, Fred A. Dunn joined the business and five years later it became Taylor-DunnŽ Manufacturing Company. Up until 1955 it was called Taylor Manufacturing Company.

     In the June of 1955, Taylor Manufacturing Company came out with their first golf car, the model "PG", named the Taylorcar. This three wheeled, 24 volt electric cart, was also used for getting around the neighborhood for shopping, etc. It came with headlights and taillights and tiller steering.

     In 1959, Taylor-Dunn came out with the model "R" Trident three wheel neighborhood cart with headlights, taillights and turn signals. Note the red, white and blue 1961 Trident owned by Vintage. They made these until 1963. In 1963 they produced a pick up version that was also available as a four passenger version that could quickly be turned back into a two passenger for hauling items in the rear bed.

     In 1961, Taylor-Dunn introduced the Tee-Bird line, their second golf cart. This was a 36 volt cart. It came in the model 2336G three wheeler and the model 2347G four wheeler. They also made a fiberglass model 2333G Eagle III model with a distinctive classic styling. These Taylor-Dunn models ran from 1961 to 1969. The entire Tee-Bird line ran until 1985 when they built their last golf cart.

     In the late sixties, from about 1966 to 1968 they made a single passenger golf cart named the "Canary" and it was only available in canary yellow. This was the predecessor of later single passenger industrial carts. In 1970 they made their first 36 volt "R" series personnel carriers, the model 2342R and 2349R four wheeler and the model 2332R and 2339R three wheeler.

     In 1968 Taylor-Dunn introduced the model GT348 four wheel and the GT338 three wheel which was available in an optional diamond plate body. This model lasted until 1972. 1972 saw the introduction of the model GT360 and GT361 Tee-Birds. These were made until 1975 when they introduced the angular nosed model GT370 and GT371 which ran until 1985.

     Taylor-Dunn continues to manufacture carts for industry from ground support vehicles, tugs and burden carriers to stock chasers and dump trucks.

     In March of 2004, Taylor-Dunn sold their local parts sales and service to Yale/Chase.

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