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Yamaha History

Yamaha imported their first golf cart into the US market in 1978. The first model was named the G1 and was first available with a 2-cycle gas engine. The following year in 1979 they came out with the 36 volt electric. In the mid 1980s Yamaha built a manufacturing facility in Noonan, Georgia and built their first four cycle gas cart, the model G2 which was introduced in 1985. It was also available as a 36 volt electric. 

     In 1986 they came out with the G3, Sun Classic which was later replaced by the larger G5, these carts were predecessor of our modern Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). They came with a full hard roof with a tempered glass windshield and even a windshield wiper. It also had headlights and turn signals. It was available in 2 cycle gas or electric. The G9 model came out in 1991, the next generation of the G2. In 1993 they introduced their first utility cart, the model G11 "Yamahauler". This model came with a heavy duty steel front bumper and an aluminum box with a tailgate as well as a rear trailer hitch. In 1996 they installed a larger 301cc engine in the G11.

      In 1995 the G14 was introduced followed by the G16 and G19 in 1996 which was Yamahas first 48 volt cart. The G20 "Concierge" was introduced in 2000. This was Yamahas first stretch multi-passenger cart. This was followed the next year with the G21 utility vehicle which replaced the G11 in 2001 followed by the G22 in 2003. In 2005 they came our with three new utility vehicles, the G23, G27, and G28. In 2007 they came out with a totally redesigned cart called "The Drive" Yamaha YDR. For a complete timeline with pictures and model descriptions go here: http://yamahagolfcar.vn/corporate/golfcartimeline.html

Yamaha also offers free online owners and parts manuals here:https://www.yamahapartsandaccessories.com/parts-catalog/lines/golfcar

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