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Cushman Serial Number Location Guide

Cushman Serial Number Location Guide

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Locating your serial number and model number

Your serial number will be stamped in the frame. One place is near your charge port on electric carts. It could also be on the side of the frame. The serial number is not near as important as your model number.

Your model number will be a six digit number beginning with an 8, example 898100. This model number should be followed by a hyphen and then a four digit number such as 7324, The first two numbers are the year. In this case it would be 1973. The photos below are applicable to golf carts made from 1964 to 1975.

Below are pictures to help identify gasoline powered Cushmans using the OMC engine such as the model 735 Golfster and Cushman Trucksters and Haulsters.

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