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Dating Guide for Pargo

Dating Guide for Pargo Carts

When first trying to date a Pargo get the serial number from the tag on your General Electric motor if you have one. Between 1958 and 1964 they also came with Baldor and Master motors as well as the G.E. motors. From 1965 on they used only G.E. motors as far as I have been able to determine. The serial number on the G.E. motor is actually three letters ending in the letter "N". When you find this three digit serial number go to the General Electric Dating Guide under Miscellaneous Carts. The first models to come out were models 704 and 754. In 1969 they introduced the 800 series of carts which became quite extensive.The models included the 800 and 803 three wheel golf cars and the 804 four wheel cart. They also made the Gibralter series of industrial three wheel cart models 812 and 814 which were personnel carriers with a little bed on the back and they had tiller steering. They also made models 812 and 814 which were four passenger personnel carriers with steering wheels. These looked like golf carts but had no provisions for bag racks. The also made ,industrial models 820, 824, 830, 840 and 844. They also built the Empire line of industrial trucks for carrying passengers and hauling supplies. They came out in the models 850, 851, 852, 853 and 854. The model 873 came out in the late 1970s to the early 1980s and was built by Eagle Electric Vehicles after the company was bought by them and moved to Texas.

Here is a chart of actual Pargo golf cart numbers I have gathered over the years. It will help you get an idea of your year and model. If you have a Pargo and are willing to share your information please contact us. The main information I need is your serial number, the three letter serial number from your motor if it is a G.E. and any additional information such as the type of brakes, whether it is a three or four wheel cart, how many solenoids it has, whether it is tiller steering or steering wheel.

Cart Serial #      G.E. Motor Serial #      Motor mfg. date
51863                        DAN                 April        1965
51702                        EDN                  May         1968
370517                      CDN                 March       1968
371454                      EEN                  May          1970
191665                      GHN                 July           1972
373518                      KHN                 October     1972
373610                      DGN                 April         1971
Serial number 382000 started in 1972
380620                      EKN                  May         1974
5441084                    KLN                  October    1975
5441691                    MLN                 December 1975
5442643                    BMN                 February  1976

 Here is some additional information for helping to determine the year and model of your Pargo:

Drive System:

1958 to 1964 were belt driven from the motor to the differential. 1958 to 1959 used two belts. 1960 to 1964 used three belts. In 1965 the first direct drive with the motor mounted above the differential was introduced.


1958 to 1960 they had rear coil springs. From 1961 on they used leaf springs on the rear.


1970 was a one year only front end, 1970 tie rod was 18, 1965 to 1969 was 17, 1971 to 1975 was 20.5

Here is some Pargo patent information on Eagle Industrial Vehicles of Texas

Word Mark:


Serial Number: 73368307
Registration Number: 1255253
Registration Date: October 25, 1983
Filing Date: June 07, 1982
Cancellation Date: March 01, 1990
Goods and Services: 012. Electric commercial cars

International Class(es): 012
Current Filing Basis: 1(a)
Original Filing Basis: 1(a)
Published for Opposition: August 02, 1983
Registration Date: October 25, 1983
Type of Mark: Trademark
Law Office Assigned: 530
Register: Principal
Current Location: FILE DESTROYED
Current Status: CANCELLED - SECTION 8
Date of Status: March 01, 1990
Mark Drawing Code: 1000
Live/Dead Indicator: DEAD
Goods/Services Classification
International Class # Information
012 Status: Cancelled
First Use Anywhere: 19560100
First Use in Commerce: 19560100

Additional Info
Owner: Eagle Vehicles, Inc.
8181 Hoyle Ave.
Dallas TX 75227

Legal Entity Type: Corporation
Correspondent / Attorney: Martin Faier
120 S. LaSalle St.
Chicago IL 60603
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