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Harley Davidson Serial Number Guide

Harley Davidson Serial Number Guide

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To determine the year of your cart you will need to find the serial number. On carts with a lift up body it is located on a tin tag mounted on the upper frame rail on the right or left side near the rear wheel. On electric models DE40 and MGIV without lift up bodies the serial number is located on a tag under the drivers seat towards the passenger side. Starting in 1987 until 1989 the serial number is located on the frame on the Utilitruck and on the right seat support gusset on the Par Car models. From 1990 to 1995 the number is located on the drivers side top rear fender except on the utility vehicles where it is located on the steel body at the bottom passenger side.


Carts made in the 60's use the first two digits to denote the year and the next two are the model. For example a serial number starting with 69D would be a 1969 model D cart. For carts made in the 70's or 80's the last two digits denote the year and the first two denote the model. For example an (H) followed by a number at the end for carts made in the 70's. For example H4 for 1974. For carts made by Harley Davidson between 1980 and 1982 it will be a (J) followed by a number. For example J1 for 1981. In 1982 the company was sold to Columbia Par Car. They used a C prefix for their 80s carts so a C2 would be a 1982 and a D for carts made in the 90s so a D3 at the end would indicate a 1993.

NOTE: The model number will be the first two digits of your serial number for carts made in the 70s and later.

Refer to the chart for cross referencing.

Model Identification Chart
Year Serial Model
Electric Models
1963 - 1976 4B DE
8C DE4
1976 - 1978 8D DE40
1977 - 1983 4B DE3
1979 - 1982 8D MGIV
1987 - 1989 3L 4PE
6K E4S
9K EU4
1990 - 1995 3L 4PE
6K E4S
9P EU4
2M C6E
9R ED4
Gas Models
1963 - 1981 3B D
7C D4
3K Classic
1982 - 1983 3B D3
5K DX4
1984 - 1986 3B G3
5K G4
7K U4
1987 - 1989 2L P4G
5K G4S
7K GU4
1990 - 1995 2L P4G
5K G4S
7P GU4
3M C6G
7R GD4
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