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Using PayPal

   Most sites have an automated system that takes you directly to PayPal where you pay instantly, whether or not the part is in stock. With over 6000 items, many of which are NOS or items that are no longer available from a supplier, we can not be sure if an item is available until we physically check stock. Furthermore we have customers from all corners of the globe and shipping varies by country and the weight of the package.

    If you choose to use PayPal you will indicate so during check out. When we enter your order it will go back to the shipping department to determine if everything in in stock. If not we will contact you personally either by phone or email. If everything is good to go the shipping department adds the shipping charge and it goes back to order processing to have a request for payment sent to you by email. That request will have a link that takes you right to PayPal so you can pay and have you order shipped out the same day as long as the order was received in time.

    Yes this is extra work for us but it is the only solution available to us for dealing with the type of inventory we have and our broad spectrum of customers from around the world. If there were a better solution we would do it. Believe me it can be a pain at times.

    If you choose to pay by PayPal and do not respond to your request for payment we will hold your order for up to 2 days and then your order will be cancelled and the parts we pulled for it will be put back on the shelf. Some of our items are quite rare and it is not fair to others who might desperately need a part and we only have one and it is being held in limbo. If your order becomes cancelled you can order again but you must use a credit card

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