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SW44-000 - Micro Switch

SW44-000 - Micro Switch
Part Number: SW44-000

OEM Part Numbers - CC 4240, 4240A, 1014805, 1014807, 1014887, HY GC1-808002, CU 825217, 829754, 832719, NO 531-82

Item Description -

Three Terminal Micro Switch for Accelerator Speed Switch on 1970 to 1995 Club Car.......Also on gas component box on 1984 and newer Club Car.......Also bottom mounted Forward and Reverse Cut-Off Micro Switch on 1990 to 1995 Hyundai.......Also used on the Forward and Reverse Switch on 1984 and newer gasoline Club Cars......Also Cushman Forward and Reverse Switch.......Also used on Foot Switch Speed Control on 36 volt Cushman Titan, Minute Miser, Eagle and others.......Also used on Noland.
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