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BE33-450 - Bearing, Transmission, Engine & Steering

BE33-450 - Bearing, Transmission, Engine & Steering
Our Part Number: BE33-450

OEM Part Numbers - CU 812009, EZ 23520-G1, 23520G1, 620338, CC 1012877, CO 90004-90, HY 86W-000010, GB1-201712, ME 230527, 320153, TD 80-480-10, YA 93306-20309-00, 93306-20316-00, 93306-20324-00, 93306-20327-00, 93306-203X1-00, JW1-F3812-00, TO 251-6, MO 2102300002

Item Description -

Club Car: Balancer Shaft Bearing on 1995 and newer 4 cycle... Also 1984 to 1991 Club Car gas balancer shaft bearing on clutch side... Also camshaft bearing on flywheel side and 1981 and newer... Also electric motor bearing on brush end (except IQ system).

Columbia Par Car: Differential input shaft bearing, both sides on 1990 to 1992 models P4E, E4S, E4U and C6E... Also inner differential input shaft bearing1993 to 2013 electric models P4E, E4S, EU4, and C6E ... Also 1996 to 2008 gas 4 cycle engine balancer shaft bearing.

Cushman: Transmission Bearing for 1965 to 1969 Turf Truckster... Also 1970 to 1975 Haulster auxiliary transmission... Also 1990 to 1991 Eagle and 1991 to 1994 GT-1... Also transmission bearing in 1992 to 1994 Turf Truckster and 1994 UTV Max... Also transmission bearing on F2, Bellhop-2, Bellhp-3, Bellhop-4.

E-Z-GO: Inner Input Shaft Bearing for 1988 and newer E-Z-GO electric with Dana transaxle and 1991 and newer 4 cycle gas.

Hyundai: Inner Input Shaft Bearing on 1990 to 1995 with Dana differential... Also 1990 to 1995 balancer shaft bearing, both ends of Suzuki engine.

Melex: Inner Input Shaft Bearing for 512E and 625E electric... Also 1996 to 2000 models 512G and 625G balancer shaft bearing on red 18 cubic inch Vanguard engine.

Motrec: Inner Input Shaft Bearing for Model E-330 and other models with Dana differential.

Nordskog: Inner Input Shaft Bearing for model 280A electric with Dana differential from serial number 280A92H019.

Taylor-Dunn: Inner Input Shaft Bearing for 1998 and newer electric model R-380 with Dana differential.

Yamaha: Output side bearing of Input Shaft on 1983 to 1996 Yamaha gas cart models G1, G2, G3, G8, G9, G11 and G14... Also outer Input Shaft Bearing on 1991 to 1992 Yamaha electric model G9... Also inner input shaft bearing on 1990 to 2009 Yamaha electric models G8, G9, G14, G16, G19, G22, G23 and G27... Also inner input shaft bearing on 1982 to 1996 gas models G1, G2, G3, G5, G8, G9, G11 and G14... Also 2007 and newer steering pinion bearing for G29 "The Drive" and all YDR and YTF series carts both gas and electric.

Other Carts: Also used on Toro with Dana differential.

NOTE: Measures .669" (17mm) I.D. by 1.575" (40mm) O.D. by .472" (12mm) wide.
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