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BR22-100 - Brush Set, Advanced Motor

BR22-100 - Brush Set, Advanced Motor
BR22-100 - Brush Set, Advanced Motor
BR22-100 - Brush Set, Advanced Motor
Our Part Number: BR22-100

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 73120-G04, 73120-G05, 73120G05, 73120-G15, 73120-G25, 73120G25, 73124-G01, 73124G01, 73124-G02, 73124G02, CC 1021862-01, 102186201, CO 83238-89A,
YA JU2-H1801-10-00, TD 70-104-00, 70-109-00, MO 2450008, 3112210004, ND 75664, ADV AC6-2034AS, AC1-2034S

Item Description -

Brush Set of 4 with Hex Stud for 19 Spline 36 Volt Advanced Motors used in the following carts:

Club Car: 2004 and newer Club Car model DS and 2005 and newer Precedent model with Advanced motors..

Columbia Par Car: 1993 to 2000 Columbia Par Car.

Cushman: Titan, Minute Miser, and Stock Chaser Vehicles.

Duffy Boats: with motor part number EH4-4001.

E-Z-GO: 1997 and newer E-Z-GO Electric TXT, 640, 835, 875, 881, 4/6-Passenger Shuttle, ST Sport, ST Sport II, ST Express, Clays Car, Workhorse-MPT (Multi-Purpose Truck) 800/1000.

Taylor-Dunn: Used in models B-248 and BO-012-38 Railroad Special and others with Advanced Motor number DY2-4001 or XP1789 and TD motor part number 70-054-41... Also 2014 and newer models BO-248, BO-254, BT-284, BT280.

Motrec: For Motrec motor part numbers 2450002, 2450003 and 3112210001 using Advanced motor numbers A00-4009, DD4-4002 SepEx, DC3-4002 SepEx, and DD4-4005 SepEx motors..

Nordskog: 1992 and newer 280 and 282 models A only from serial number 280A92H019, motor number 75534.

Yamaha: For 2003 tp 2007 Yamaha G22 with Advanced motor Yamaha part number JU2-H1890-10-00.

NOTE: Also used on Santiago motor number S19608 used as a replacement motor on Yamaha and Club Car.

NOTE: Includes through case insulators, washer and nuts.

NOTE: Not for General Electric motors, For Advanced motors only!

WARNING: In the 1990s Taylor-Dunn switched from General Electric motors to Advanced motors. They did the asinine thing of using the exact same motor number for both motors which are entirely different and use different parts. Make sure when ordering brushes or other motor parts for a Taylor-Dunn motor number 70-049-00 to determine whether it is a General Electric motor or an Advanced motor.

NOTE: Measures Almost 1-1/4" inch (1.225") long by almost one inch, 31/32" (.969") wide by 5/8"(.625") thick.

Fits the following Advanced Motors:.

For Motor numbers A91-4003, A95-4005, A95-4005A, A95-4005B, A95-4006, A96-2156B, A96-4005B, A00-4005C, A00-4009, A00-4009A, A00-4010, A02-4011, A02-4012, A10-4015, A11-4018, AC1-40011, AC1-4001A, AE1-4001, AR4-4001, AR9-4001A, AY4-4001, AY6-4002, AY8-4003, AY9-4003A, BB4-4001, BD0-40003, BD4-4001, BD5-4002, BL3-4002, BU5-4001/1A, CD7-4003, CH7-4001, CH7-4002, CJ3-4002, CY8-4001, D00-4008, D00-4008A, DA1-4003, DC3-4002, DD0-4002, DD2-4010, DD3-4004, DD4-4005, DDS-4006, DE0-4002, DE2-4006, DE2-4007, DE3-4008, DE3-4009, DE3-4009A, DE4-4012, DE4-4012A, DE6-4013, DE8-4001, DE8-4008A, DK9-4001, DL4-4002, DL6-4004, DL6-4004A, DL9-4001, DP0-4001A, DP9-4001/1A, DY1-4005, DY2-4001, DY8-4002, EF3-4001, EF3-4002, EF7-4004, EF8-4005, EJ4-4001, EJ8-4001A, GF9-4001
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