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BR22-060 - Brush Set, GE Motor

BR22-060 - Brush Set, GE Motor
Our Part Number: BR22-060

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 27630-G05, 27630G05, CC 1017946, CU 840992, ME 520108, YA JG6-H1801-00, JG6-H1801-00-00, JH7-H1801-00, JH7-H1801-00-00, JU2-H1801-00-00, TD 70-104-15

Item Description -

Brush Set of 4 with Hex Stud for 19 Spline, 36 Volt, 2 HP, 2800 RPM G.E. 58 or 59 JBS "Tin Can" style motor +++ Used on 1988 & newer E-Z-GO non DCS and PDS +++ 1994 & newer Club Car +++ 1993 to 2001 Cushman Minute Miser and other models with JB58 and JB59 motors +++ 1990 to 2002 Yamaha G5, G8, G9, G14, G16 and G19 and 2003 to 2014 models G22, G23, G27 and YDRE :The Drive" with GE motor +++ Taylor-Dunn model B1-50 +++ 1992 & newer Melex models 152, 412, 512E and 625E with Dana differential +++ 1990 to 1995 Hyundai with 19 spline Dana.

NOTE: Fits the following General Electric motors: 5BC58JBS3349, 5BC58JBS6102, 5BC58JBS6107, 5BC58JBS6110A, 5BC58JBS6110B, 5BC58JBS6132A, 5BC58JBS6141, 5BC58JBS6150, 5BC58JBS6152A, 5BC58JBS6155, 5BC58JBS6156, 5BC58JBS6160, 5BC58JBS6161, 5BC58JBS6162, 5BC58JBS6163B, 5BC58JBS6164, 5BC58JBS6165, 5BC58JBS6166, 5BC58JBS6179, 5BC58JBS6184, 5BC58JBS6186, 5BC58JBS6195, 5BC58JBS6203, 5BC58JBS6207, 5BC58JBS6208, 5BC58JBS6214, 5BC58JBS6217, 5BC58JBS6220B, 5BC58JBS6221A, 5BC58JBS6243, 5BC58JBS6259, 5BC58JBS6262, 5BC58JBS6272B, 5BC58JBS6280B, 5BC58JBS6287, 5BC58JBS6291, 5BC58JBS6298, 5BC58JBS6334, 5BC58JBS6335, 5BC58JBS6337, 5BC58JBS6339, 5BC58JBS6340, 5BC58JBS6341, 5BC58JBS6342, 5BC58JBS6344, 5BC58JBS6381, 5BC59JBS6290, 5BC59JBS6182, 5BC59JBS6194D, 5BC59JBS6244C, 5BC59JBS6251, 5BC59JBS6251A, 5BC59JBS6251B, 5BC59JBS6251C,  5BC59JBS6258, 5BC59JBS6261, 5BC59JBS6300A, 5BC59JBS6302C, 5BC59JBS6315, 5BC59JBS6317, 5BC59JBS6322A, 5BC59JBS6325, 5BC59JBS6338, 5BC59JBS6354, 5BC59JBS6360, 5BC59JBS6361, 5BC59JBS6365, 5BC59JBS6368A, 5BC59JBS6370

NOTE: Measures 1-3/8" long by 5/8" wide by 1/2" thick.
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