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SW22-000 - Micro Switch

SW22-000 - Micro Switch
Our Part Number: SW22-000

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 10606-G1, 10606G1, 10606-G2, 10606G2, A-12795-G1, 12795-G1, 12795G1, 17928-G1, 17928G1, 31535-G1, 31535G1, CU 835636, TD 71-130-00, JA 557192, 593298, 593347, LE 7-3718, ME 300718, NO 531-81, HY GB1-806400, GC1-403010

Item Description -

Micro Switch with roller style lever arm with three contacts (N.O., N.C., C.) for the following carts:

E-Z-GO: F&R switch on 1965 to 1995 E-Z-GO gas or electric... Also speed board on electric models from 1983 to 1993 with resistor speed control... NOTE: Can replace two terminal micro switches on E-Z-GO, just hook your two wires to "Common" and "Normally Closed".

Hyundai: Speed Control Board Micro Switch for 1990 to 1995 electric model HGB-1,A.

Legend: 1979 to 1986 models EV3-01/EV4-01 and RV3-01/RV4-01.

Melex: F&R micro switch on models 101, 102, 112, 212, 152, 252, 412, 512 & 625.

F&R micro switch on master control switch.

Other Carts: Also Cushman, Jacobsen, Legend, and Noland.
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