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SO22-100 - Resistor for Solenoid

SO22-100 - Resistor for Solenoid
Our Part Number: SO22-100

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 21764-G1, 21764G1, CC 1014947, CO 70592-87, CU 887679, ND 74604, MO 367014, HY GB1-806903

Item Description -

250 ohm, 5 watt Resistor that goes across large posts on 1989 and newer E-Z-GO with electronic solid state speed controller +++ Not for use with 1995 to 1999 DCS (Drive Control System) carts +++ Also for 1990 and newer Club Car, Columbia Par Car, Cushman, Melex, Nordskog and Motrec with Curtis solid state speed control and 1989 and newer Yamaha with Curtis solid state speed control +++ Also 1990 to 1995 Hyundai electric.

NOTE: Can replace plug in resistor on Cushman vehicles. Unplug old resistor and mount this one across the two large terminals on the solenoid. It serves the same function and has the same specifications to pre-charge the capitors in the Curtis motor speed controller.

NOTE: Also used when converting older resistor carts to modern motor speed control systems, 250 ohm resistance, Comes with two crimp terminal ends, OEM Quality
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