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EL22-600 - Voltage Reducer, 20 amps, NLA

EL22-600 - Voltage Reducer, 20 amps, NLA
Part Number: EL22-600

OEM Part Numbers - EZ 16511-G1, 16511G1, 16874-G1, 16874G1

Item Description -

Voltage Reducer for all carts with 36 or 48 volt systems. Converts these voltages down to 12 volts for running lights, radios and other 12 volt accessories. Has a high amp output of 20 amps peak.

NOTE: Specifications: 26 to 60 VDC input, 13.4 VDC output at 20 amps

Wiring kit sold separately, our part number EL22-620

NOTE: UPS Shipping ONLY.

NOTE: No Longer Available +++ Use EL22-615

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