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BE11-110 - Rear Axle & Motor Bearing

BE11-110 - Rear Axle & Motor Bearing
BE11-110 - Rear Axle & Motor Bearing
BE11-110 - Rear Axle & Motor Bearing
Our Part Number: BE11-110

OEM Part Numbers - CC 7336, 1011291, 1011317, 1012677, 1012685, 1013793, 1021864-01, 102186401, EZ 23523-G1, 23523G1, 26811-G01, 26811G01, 73120-G07, 73120G07, HD/CO 83186-75, 83286-89A, 83310-07, SEATS 759896, TD 80-212-00, CU 815093, 835016, NO T-28, ND 20013, A413A986H07, PA 1538, YA 93306-205, 93306-205-00, 93306-20541, 93306-20541-00

Item Description -

Rear Axle Bearing on the following carts +++ Can also replace motor bearing on many carts.

Club Car: 1984 and newer rear axle bearing as well as rear axle bearing for 2004 and newer Precedent model +++ Rear Axle Bearing for 1984 to 1985 Club Car model DS with Fuji rear axle that says Club Car on side of differential +++ Also motor output shaft bearing on 1974 to 1984 Club Car with 16 spline Hitachi motor as well as 2007 and newer Precedent with Advanced Motor.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Many places will sell you a shielded bearing as a replacement for a Club Car rear axle bearing. Please note that a shielded bearing is NOT a sealed bearing and it has a .005 air gap and will allow lubricant to escape as well as moisture and other contaminates to enter the wheel bearing. These shielded bearings are the same size and will fit but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a proper sealed bearing such as this for this application. See diagram below on different bearing types.

Differential Bearing on 1991 to 1994 Cushman models GT-1, GT-1 Turf, GT America, F-2, F2J, Bellhop 2,3 and 4.

E-Z-GO: Rear Axle Bearing for 1991 and newer 4 cycle gas E-Z-GO and Commutator End Bearing on 1997 & newer E-Z-GO with Advanced Motor

Harley Davidson/Columbia Par Car: Commutator End Bearing on 1976 to 1978 Harley Davidson model DE-40 with AMF motor and Commutator End Bearing on 1989 & newer Columbia Par Car with Advanced Motor +++ Also Columbia Eagle Legacy P4E, NEV2, Columbia Payloader BC2, BC3, BC4, Columbia Expediter EX21

Motor output shaft bearing on G.E., Taylor-Dunn and Baldor motor used on models B-248, GT360, R-380 and others... Also commutator end on Advanced Motor numbers DVI-4002, DVI-4003, DY2-4001, DD3-4004, XP-1786, XP-1789

Yamaha: Outer rear axle bearing on 1978 to 1994 models G1, G2, G8 and G9 +++ NOTE: Not sold separatel from axle from Yamaha +++ Also commutator end bearing on Santiago replacement motor number S19608

Other Carts: Noland, Nordskog, Pargo and Taylor-Dunn transmission bearing.

NOTE: Measures: .984" (25mm) I.D. by 2.047" (52mm) O.D. by .591" (15mm) wide.

NOTE: This is the same bearing as BE11-112 only with sealed sides which can be easily removed for applications not requiring shielding +++ Also the same dimensions as shielded motor bearing number BE44-050.
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