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BR11-010 - Brush Set, Motor

BR11-010 - Brush Set, Motor
Part Number: BR11-010

OEM Part Numbers - CC 7363, EZ 15634G1, 51318-G1, 51318G1, 15634-G1, CU 882960, 883663, TD 70-101-00, 388P3816, 388P381A, 388P831G, ND 20753, PA 2227-3, NO M-14, OT A-56224, Baldor 45-39W03, 45-39W16, 45-39W19, GE 5BC48JB503, 5BC48JB531, 5BC48JB550, 5BC48JB582, 5BC49JB305, 5BCG56EA17, 5BC48JB509, 5BC48JB509A, 5BC48JB509B, 5BC48JB509C, 5BC48JB509D, 5BC48JB509E

Item Description -

Brush Set for GE Motors used on 1976 to 1980 Club Car.......Also 1973 to 1979 E-Z-GO.......Also HMK Marketeer models 438 and 439 and model 450 4-Runner.......Also Taylor-Dunn model B-248 with Baldor or Taylor-Dunn motor and others.......Also Cushman, Nordskog, Pargo, Noland and Otis .(set of 4).

NOTE: This brush set was commonly used with GE motors with solid copper brush interconnect crossovers.

Measurements: 1-15/32" (1.470") long by 5/8" wide by 1/2" thick.

NOTE: These are interchangeable with the BR11-070 brushes which are slightly shorter.

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