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SP11-080 - Diode

SP11-080 - Diode
Our Part Number: SP11-080

OEM Part Numbers - HD 74886-67, EZ 21762-G1, 21762G1, 30353-G1, 30353G1, 30353-G8, 30353G8, WE 2371A32A01, ND 2371A32A02, MO 367014, HY GB1-806902

Item Description -

Diode for speed control on 1967 to 1983 Harley Davidson and for 1990 to 1999 Columbia Par Car with electronic motor speed controller, goes across solenoid +++  Used on 1990 and newer E-Z-GO with Curtis electronic speed control +++ Also Cushman, Melex, and others using Curtis electronic motor speed controller +++ Used across solenoids on Westinghouse Marketeer models 426, 427, 438, 439 and Nordco Marketeer models 150 and 450 as well as as late 1980s Nordskog models 260, 262, 280 and 282 models B, C, and D and 1990s 280 and 282 models A,B,C and D manufactured by US Electricar +++ Used across solenoids on Pargo model 544 with eight solenoids +++ Also on Motrec solenoid +++ Also 1990 to 1995 Hyundai electric.

NOTE: Also Speed Switch Diode used on 1982 to 1995 Columbia Par Car gas models +++ Mounts on back of in dash Forward and Reverse switch.        

Also used when retrofitting a resistor cart to a modern motor speed controller.

NOTE: Mounts across the small terminals on the solenoid +++ OEM Quality.

Stripe end on diode hooks to positive side.
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