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SW22-010 - Micro Switch

SW22-010 - Micro Switch
Our Part Number: SW22-010

OEM Part Numbers - HD 71741-75, 71768-78, EZ 10606-G3, 10606G3, CC 7586, TD 71-135-01, ME 300667, 300893 JA 357958, LE 7-3367

Item Description -

Three Terminal Micro Switch with Lever for the following carts:

Club Car: 1970 to 1973 Accelerator Limit Switch, mounted on upper pedal linkage.

E-Z-GO: 1965 to 1982 Marathon model with rectangular speed board and resistor control.

Harley Davidson: 1976 to 1977 electric model DE-40 +++ Note: In this application you will have to add spade connectors to this switch.

Melex: 1970 to 1985 models 101, 102, 112, 212, 152, 252, and model 412 with rectangular speed board and resistor control +++ Also used on early Melex 512 where it is mounted on throttle potentiometer +++ Also gas models 512 and 625 where it mounts on F&R switch board and also the accelerator pedal micro switch.
Other Carts: Also used on Taylor-Dunn foot switch, Jacobsen and Legend plus others.

NOTE: Has three contacts on the bottom with screw terminals. Normally Open, Common, and Normally Closed +++ OEM Quality.
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