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BE11-261 - Motor Bearing

BE11-261 - Motor Bearing
Our Part Number: BE11-261

OEM Part Numbers - HD 9030, 9034, 72381-72, 83269-79, EZ 15448-G1, 15448G1, 51320-G1, 51320G1, CC 1011319, 101286, 1013776, 1028390-01, 102839001, CU 605636, 808058, 821291, 823011, 824703, 835011, YA 93306-20401, 93306-20401-00, 93306-20417-00, 93306-20420-00, 93306-20421-00, 93306-20437-00, 93306-20469-00, 93306-204X0-00, J10-81856-10, PA 2221-1, TD 80-200-00, 388P381A, DA 56226, JA 315947, ND 20383, GE 5BC48JB122, 5BC48JB251, 5BC48JB254, 5BC48JB265, 5BC48JB305, 5BC48JB503, 5BC48JB531, 5BC48JB550, 5BC48JB582, 5BC48JB754, 5C49JB305, 5BC49JB399, Baldor 45-39W03

Item Description -

Electric Motor Bearing used on the following carts:

Club Car:
1981 to 1984 Club Car brush end motor bearing on Hitachi 16 spline motor model MT320-07 from serial number A8036-15260 thru A8405-50906.

Cushman: Some Cushman with General Electric Motors

Brush end motor bearing for E-Z-GO with G.E. motor.

Harley Davidson/Columbia Par Car: Drive End Motor Bearing on late 1973 to 1975 model DE and DE4 and Motor Bearing on brush end of Hitachi motor on 1979 to 1982 MGIV.

Pargo: Brush end motor bearing.

Taylor-Dunn: Commutator Brush end motor bearing with G.E., Taylor-Dunn or Baldor motor... Also front outer wheel bearing on 1986 to 1997 Taylor-Dunn model R-680 truck.

Electric Motor Bearing for brush end on 1978 to 1991 models G1 and G2 Hitachi 10 internal spline motor, also for 1979 to 1982 Harley with Hitachi motor.

Other Carts: Bearing on Davis, Jacobsen, and Nordskog

NOTE: Measures .78" (19.9mm) I.D. by 1.85" (47mm) O.D. by .5" (14mm) wide.
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