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SP11-401 - Potentiometer

SP11-401 - Potentiometer
SP11-401 - Potentiometer
SP11-401 - Potentiometer
Our Part Number: SP11-401

OEM Part Numbers - HD 94882-87, 94882-97, 70061-00A, 70061-00B, 70061-00C, CU 889473, 835870, ND 74284, MO 367004

Item Description -

PB-6 Style Import Potentiometer (Pot Box) for 1994 and newer E-Z-GO +++ Columbia Par Car +++ 1990 and newer Cushman Executive, Hawk, Titan, CTV-Maxim, UTV MAX carts and 1990 to 1994 tug +++ 1992 and newer Nordskog/US Electracar Legend models 280 and 282 and Nordco Model 150 and others +++ Motrec with two wire potentiometer +++ Others with motor speed controllers using 0 to 5 k/ohm throttle input.

NOTE: Replaces the black plastic pot box used by Columbia Par Car from 1997 to 2000.

NOTE: Use when upgrading a cart from resistor control to a modern electronic motor speed controller.

NOTE: Limited supply +++ You can also use SP11-400.
Our Price: $174.46

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