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BE11-020 - Rear Axle Bearing

BE11-020 - Rear Axle Bearing
BE11-020 - Rear Axle Bearing
BE11-020 - Rear Axle Bearing
BE11-020 - Rear Axle Bearing
Our Part Number: BE11-020

OEM Part Numbers - CU 601070, HD/CO 82739-87, 83100-73,
SEATS 749522, EZ 13084-G1, 13084G1, 13891-G1, 13891G1, 13892-G1, 13892G1, 14584-G1, 14584G1, 14586-G1, 14586G1, 1720055, 61070, TM U-199, U-160L, 11497, JA 593793, TO 21-8180, TD 80-505-10, ND 11267, 18758, MO 210800001

Item Description -

One piece tapered Timken style bearing assembly for the following carts:

2005 and newer Titan.

Golf Cart from May of 1972 through October 1975 with splined axle and 1976 to mid 1980 with integral hub axle +++ Also 1989 to 1990 Industrial model GXT-1500 and GXI-1500 with Onan engine +++ 1991 to 1993 Personnel Carrier models PCX-952, PCX-954, PCX-955, PCX-956 and PCX-957 +++ Cago/Personnel Carrier model XI-875P and Beverage Carrier BCX-960 +++ 1994 and newer E-Z-GO Cargo Carrier models XI-775, XI-875, XI-881 +++ 1994 to 2004 36 volt electric shuttles model 950 and 1999 to 2006, 48 volt electric shuttle 950 models +++ 2000 and later E-Z-GO model 960 Cargo and Personnel Carriers +++ Also 2005 to 2008 electric industrial 875 models and personnel carriers both 36 and 48 volt.

Harley Davidson / Columbia Par Car:
Rear Axle Roller Bearing for 1973 to early 1977 Harley Davidson gas models D and D4 and electric models DE, DEC, and DE4 from 1973 to early 1977 and 1976 to 1978 electric model DE-40 +++ Columbia Par Car BC2 Burden Carrier

Marketeer - Westinghouse - Nordskog: Westinghouse Marketeer models 436 and 437 with splined rear axle and Westinghouse HMK Marketeer models 438 and 439 from 1976 to 1978, also 1993 and newer Electracar Nordskog models 280/282 with Dana differential. ,

Motrec: E-330 rear axle bearing.

Nordskog: Rear axle Bearing on 1992 and newer Nordskog 280/282 series A from serial number 280A92H019.

Taylor-Dunn: Rear Axle Bearing.

Toro: 1977 to 1991 Workmaster and others with torque spider brakes.       

NOTE: Also Rear Axle Bearing on Toro, Jacobsen with Dana splined axle.

NOTE: This is a one piece tapered Timken style bearing assembly with the race permanently attached to the bearing cone.+++ You can not buy the bearing or cone separately +++ If they come apart your bearing is broken.

Measures 1.181" (30mm) I.D. by 2.283" (58mm) O.D. by .669" (17mm) Wide.

NOTE: Now Available +++ You can also use the original Timken brand bearing BE11-031
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