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FU99-112 - Gasket, Air Box Lid

FU99-112 - Gasket, Air Box Lid
Our Part Number: FU99-112

OEM Part Numbers - YA  J38-14452-00, J38-14452-00-00, 50M-14462-01, 50M-14462-01-00, 1VJ-14462-00, 1VJ-14462-00-00, 3Y1-84545-00-00, 3TB-1446R-00-00, 42X-84723-01-00, 50M-14462-00-00, 4BR-14452-00-00, 1AE-14457-00-00, 1AE-14452-00-00, 1B7-14452-00-00, 36F-14452-00-00, 3GM-14452-00-00, 2UJ-84723-00-00, 3TB-14452-00-00, 4NK-84702-00-00, 4NK-14452-00-00, 55K-14476-00-00, 5H0-14452-00-00, 5TH-14452-00-00, 5U8-14457-00-00, 1WG-14457-00-00, 29L-14452-00-00, 12R-14452-00-00, 2C0-14452-00-00, 15A-14462-00-00, 25G-14452-00-00, 4JP-14452-00-00, 4FM-14452-00-00, 5VX-14452-00-00, 4FU-14452-00-00, 4XV-14452-00-00, 4XY-14457-00-00, 4XY-14452-00-00, 5FL-84723-00-00, 5T0-14457-00-00, 5RU-14457-00-00, 10M-14457-00-00, 2JN-14452-00-00, 2HX-14452-00-00, 2JX-14452-00-00, 1FK-14467-00-00, 1FK-14457-00-00, 1FK-14452-00-00, 3Y0-14452-00-00, 3XV-14462-00-00, 3XV-14467-00-00, 5KM-14452-00-00, 3TB-14457-00-00, 5GH-14462-00-00, 2C0-14462-00-00, 4D3-14452-00-00, 5XT-14462-00-00

Item Description -

Factory OEM Square Rubber Gasket for Air Cleaner Case (Air Box) for 1985 to 1995 Yamaha models G2, G5, G8, G9 and G11 +++ Also 1986 to 1997 Taylor-Dunn model R-680 truck. +++ Yamaha has many different applications for this square rubber gasket.

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